Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Master Mahan (Its a work in progress)

"Look Adam" Eve whispered. "God has given us another Son."
"Truly. We are blessed again." Exhaustion lined every part of Adam's face. He was well aware of his fatigue after helping Eve during her labor.
"We shall take the child and wake you when he is hungry Mother." Two daughters waited eagerly to help their newest brother.
"Yes, Please take this child." Repeated Eve.
"What should we call him Mother?"
"Cain shall be his name!" Adam raised his voice for all to hear him, "and he shall be great in the name of the Lord!"
"Yes Father." All of the children answered.

"Father?" Abel knew it was too early for his father to be awake.
"Father?!" He repeated louder, "Please wake up!"
"What is it Abel?" Adam sighed too tired to pen his eyes.
"Father, I've had a vision!" Trembling, he hoped his father would understand him.
"A vision Abel? Surely you were just dreaming." Irritated that his son would wake him for bad dreams, Adam rolled over and looked at him.
"Father, it was not a dream! It was a vision! I know it was." Abel shook now.
"Sit down Abel," Adam now looked alarmed. "Tell me what thou hast seen."
Now that Abel had gotten his father's attention he didn't know where to start. he quickly tried to organize his thoughts.
"It was a man..." Abel began.
"A man, do you know who he was?"
"No, he was cloaked in darkness."
Satan! Adam knew it had to be he, who else would wear such condemning clothes? Adam had been aware of the Fallen Angel's visits but had done nothing to banish him entirely from the family's home.
"...he approached me while I was watching the sheep in the Southern Fields. 'Hello Brother!' I called out to him." Abel was truly caught up as if seeing the vision being replayed in his mind again.
"One of the sheep bleated in Alarm, I turned to see a Raven take flight from amongst the sheep. Then I turned back to the man cloaked in darkness. He was upon me with a knife and then as if watching from above, I saw the man kill me." Tears were running down Abel's cheeks.
Adam knew Abel could not be lying for he was one of the few children who could hear God speak clearly.
"Do you think this is a vision from God, Boy?" Adam carefully asked Abel.
"I... I don't know." Abel replied quietly.
"Then we must pray."

The day was bright and already much was being done for it would soon be time to move to the higher grounds around the garden again.
Eve approached Cain who was busy planting seeds for the fall harvest.
"My dear son." Eve said when she was close enough to touch him.
Startled, Cain dropped the sack of corn seeds he was planting. he quickly knelt down to pick them back up.
"You surprised me Mother." Cain replied from the ground.
"Have you spoken with Abel yet?"
"About the Lord's requirements?" Cain asked. Inwardly he knew exactly what she was asking. The Lord told Abel that he wanted every member of the family to pay a tithe. Abel said ten percent is what the Lord required - a ridiculous amount!
"Yes, have you headed them?" Eve quietly inquired kneeling to help Cain pick up the remaining seeds spilled on the ground.
"I was just pondering my decision when you came." was Cain's reply. He had already made up his mind that he wouldn't.
Eve looked at Cain, pain prevalent in her dark eyes. "I have gotten a man from the Lord; wherefore he may not reject his words."
"Who is the Lord that I should know him." Cain hastily replied back. he was a grown man. He didn't need lecturing from his mother, Eve, about a God he never met or heard from.
Cain took the corn seeds from Eve's hand and turned away from her. "I have work to do Mother."
"Then thou hast best be busy." Her sharp reply surprised Eve more than Cain. She turned and walked quickly away.

Satan strode away smiling at the confrontation he had just heard between Cain and his mother, Eve. This was going to be easier than he thought.

Cain slept uneasily the next few nights. It bothered him little that he did not quickly accept what his father and brothers claimed as revelation from God. Cain had always been a curious child always wondering why they had to move; why couldn't they see God; why they had to provide sacrifices, Why? Why? Why? And what was the return? There never was a return. God couldn't exist or if he did he was a ruthless being.
A sound snapped outside Cain's tent. Instinctively he sat up.
"Cain....Cain, I know you're awake. Cain come and speak with me." Satan hated to beg and that's what he sounded like now but he felt is was a needed caution to gain Cain's trust.
At the sound of the distressed voice, Cain quickly dressed and stepped outside. No moon in the sky tonight or stars Cain noticed. It was exceptionally dark.
"Who called me?" Cain hissed into the darkness.
"It is I, Lucifer, the Son of Perdition. I have come to speak to you."
"There is no Lucifer, just a tale of such a man created to frighten my brothers and sisters." Cain replied. He wondered which of his brothers was trying to trick him.
"No man, but a fallen angel, yes."
"I don't believe you."
"We shall see." Was Lucifer's sly reply.
"What do you want?" Cain carefully asked into the empty night.
"I want to you took at your brother Barshka's Daughter, Zariah, she wants you to look upon her with favor." Lucifer had already goaded Zariah to have pleasurable, yet, sinful dreams of her Uncle Cain.
"Zariah?" Cain asked, "Are you sure?" Cain struggled to see into the night. He knew Zariah was a beautiful girl any man would want to take her to wife.
"Yes, see that you talk to her and I will make her yours." Lucifer knew that this would cause a upheavel in Cain's thoughts and that it would do just the trick to put Cain into his thin web.
"We shall see...." Cain retorted back at Lucifer.
"See that you do, Cain." Lucifer spread his cloak of darkness around him and walked away.
Cain watched as stars suddenly filled the night sky. he felt a shiver run down his spine. Zariah, he thought to himself. yes maybe he will speak with her.

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