Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Angel's Song

The first time he came to me, it felt like a dream. Each time, I awoke in the middle of the night with light surrounding me. I never said a word. I was told why he was there. He was to strengthen my soul before the time came. I was to have a son, his son, the Lord of Hosts. "Mary," he whispered in my mind, "my beautiful Mary." As he held me, he showed me visions of times to come, then as each morning came he left me.

The days in between his visits were dreary. Almost like they didn't exist. Waiting for the next blissful moment to come when I would wake up and see his Angel face, and feel his strong arms surround me.

After a handful of visits and a long time waiting, my dreams came true. He came to me in his full might. Picked me up from the bed and held me tight, caressing my arms and back. He made love to me, a passion unseen. So tender and so overpowering together. As we lay tangled together in the sheets, I looked up at him. He looked back. The Angel's face no longer so good it hurt to look at. Joseph came to my mind. What would I tell him? What would I say? I turned to my lover and opened my mouth. He put his finger on my lips and whispered to my mind, "Don't speak, words will only steal the moment." I layed my head against his shoulder and he held me until I fell asleep.

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