Friday, September 18, 2009

The Chains That Bind

I went to sleep only to wake up in a dream that I knew was too real to be a dream. It was dark and the stars shone overhead. Looking down I noticed that I was walking the edge of a cliff. I followed the edge and gradually found it was sloping downward toward the water below while part of the cliff still loomed above. As I walked I wondered at where my feet were guiding me. A cave came out of nowhere almost unseen; I would have missed it completely if I hadn't stumbled and reached out to stop the fall.

I entered the cave walking with my hand guiding me along the unseen edge. I could hear the faint drip dripping of water coming from further within. Quickly I awoke. My legs aching I wondered at where I had been.

The next few nights that followed the same thing, I followed the trail down the cliff face and into the cave, each night going a little further tracing with my mind my path deep within.

A family reunion to a place I had never been gave me plenty of time to think about my dream and ponder its’ meaning. Without consciously knowing what I was doing, I found myself walking along a cliff face, the lake water splashing the edge at what seemed like miles below. My mind taking over I wandered down the path and turned into the cave I knew was waiting for me. Listening to the drip dripping like in my dream I felt the rough edge of the cave wall and followed my mental path into the unknown.

As I continued I found where my dreams had left me and I knew I was on my own. I heard something calling to me telling me to come in. I couldn't turn back even though my mind started screaming, "Don't go!" I heard the singing before I saw the light, a beautiful voice, a language I've never heard. A hole in the roof showed the stars bright above, the light of the moon seemed to fill the cavern lighting everything within including a being. Wrapped in chains, held to the ground, a demon's star did surround. He looked at me the light on his face, horrified I saw the scars that showed his lips sewn shut. His eyes were flames wrapped in the moon, like looking deep into a soul. He sang to me then like a whisper I heard, “Please let me touch you. You know you want to.”

I couldn't resist my body moved toward him like a magnet. His wings surrounded me as he brought me in. I could feel the cold chains surrounding him and the warmth of his wings, hands and body. He looked in my eyes, turned my head and sang / whispered, "I thank you."

I felt the sting of his bite on my neck and the euphoric song whispered in my heart. The flames of hell developed me and when I awoke I was the one bound in chains, surrounded by the demon's star.

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