Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Stallion

The luster shown on his beautful coat, that gorgeous black on black. A rarity in any black horse. Most black horses aren't truly black, ya know. They just are dark brown with some black. This was a true black horse. What a beast! Thoroughbred racing was my specialty. I trained some of the best of my time. Strong legs and hips, rippling muscles and braided mane. The tack and racing saddle bright red for his special day. It was his first race, ya know.

The crowd loud and excited! Bets being placed at the counters and behind the stands as well. Every one against my Black Beauty, my stallion.

The shot! The Gates! They're off! The jockies hoding back and re-aligning against the rail. No one saw the glare in his eyes. The look of death to any horse who thinks to beat him, my beauty, my stallion. Weaving in and out, around each horse. Now he's neck and neck with the leader. The crowds are hushed waiting, watching, not seeing. The leading horse seeing the threat of the other uses his last ounce of energy and speed but beauty is faster! He's taking over! A Neck, thats how much he won! My Stallion, my black beauty! Thirty to one odds and he won! He won!

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