Friday, September 11, 2009

No Turning Back

This post is based on Fiction Friday's idea: Your character is determined to do something they know to be a mistake.

"Honey, have some fun on your business trip, okay?" Just don't come home stupid and grouchy.
"I promise I'll try, dear." he drug out dear too long. Does he suspect? Smile quickly. "What will you be doing, you know, with the kids gone to my mom's for another week?"
"Oh, nothing too exciting." Think, think, think! You knew this time was coming. Think Dammit. "I think I might go shopping with some friends in Vegas."
"That sounds great! Don't do anything crazy." Whew. I'm not caught... yet. I have so much to do before I go and- Why is he stalling?
"Do you have everything?"
"Oh, yes. It's just- It's just I'm going to miss you." Oh great. Now he's giving me the guilt trip.
"I'll miss you, too, honey." Smile pretty, give hugs. BE GENUINE! Oh, just a few more hours and I'll be with Scott, not Jim. Sigh.

Get packing, he's finally gone. What dress should I pack to wear for tonight? I have that pretty black cocktail that Jim says I always look so pretty in. Jim! Am I sure I really want to do this? If Jim finds out- thats 25 years down the drain. He'll be so devastated. I can't, I won't se that look on his face. Deep breath. I won't see that look because... I won't tell him. I'll buy a new dress once I get to Vegas. There, no more thoughts of Jim for the rest of the week. Scott and I will be so happy.
The phone's ringing. Where is it? Under the couch cushion. "Hello?"
"Susan, it's me. Who's going with you to Vegas?" This is so wrong.
"Oh, probably Karen and Shannon, why hun?" This is going to be a mistake.
"Okay, I just don't want you going alone."
"I promise Jim, I won't be alone."
"Alright, I love you."
"I love you too." Click. What am I thinking? Having an affair with Jim's best friend. It's so exciting. I'm going. No turning back!

"Scott, hey it's Jim."
"Jim! Well, is she taking the bait?"
"Perfectly, just make sure you get the pictures I need."
"Sure thing."
"I've got to get out of this marriage."
"Yeah, how long have you been with that other gal?"
"Five years now. She's got 2 kids."
"Wow. I can't believe you've kept it from Susan all this time."
"I know. Susan's probably beating herself up about this. Probably thinking its a mistake, but to damn determined to not go through with it."
"Well, at least I'll have a blast this week."
"Just make sure she does, too."

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