Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An Offering For Death

The priestess looked up at her mentor, huge tears rolling down her cheeks. Wrong, wrong again the ceremonial spells were completed correctly as far as she was told but still something was off key. This was the 5th time this week she'd been asked to prepare part of the ceremonies for the blood sacrifice to install a new high priestess. The other priestesses made themselves conveniently busy, "If you are to become High Priestess, you must move forward in your work, feel the power within and capture it." the elderly priest, my mentor, sharply whispered to me.

"How would you prepare it?" I blatently asked before the velocity of what my mouth just said hit me. My mentor just shook his head and looked past me then hurried away.

Later, as I lay upon my straw mattress quietly rubbing flea bites, the realization of what my mentor had said, "If YOU are to become High Priestess..." He knows, he must know. Moving ever so quietly I pulled myself out of bed and went down the corridor to the ceremonial room. I entered, feeling the gooseflesh appear where the brisk shadow touched my naked youthful body.

I began preparing for the blood sacrifices just as I had seen the priests do it dozens of times, making sure to follow each step properly. The breeze touched me again and I looked to the window barely open. I pushed the wooden shutters outward and looked out just intime to see the eclispe billowing in the sky. Shocked at such revelation, I turned sharply away catching my wrist on the old glass that used to cover the window. I watched as if in slow motion as drop after drop dripped into my concocted bowl for the ceremony.

I watched in fascination as smoke rose from the bowl, creating a shadow covering everything, I was loosing myself. I felt the fire before I saw the flames that surrounded me. Nothing was burning around me, only myself. I burned there, next to the alter until all that was left was my soul in a pile of ash. 

"Arise and be Reborn." a voice whispered. I languished through the ash until I was once again a being standing on my feet. Opening my eyes I saw I was surrounded by Priests, my mentor one of them.

"Oh God the Merciful, we thank thee for this new High Priestess." They began to chant.

I felt fire in my closed hand. Not one, except my mentor, felt the flames of destruction as I burned them on flaming pyres. All offerings for Death.

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