Sunday, September 20, 2009

Skinned Knuckles

This post was brought about by a 6S member who gave us the Katlitz Challenge - write the most embarrasing thing that happended to you in 6 Sentences.

My mom had a new mountain bike (I wasn't supposed to ride), isn't that how it always goes? I was riding it home from school I think I was 13. We didn't live too far, just far enough that the two mile bus pickup line was 2 houses up from me, they still wouldn't let me ride the bus. Part of the bike ride was this huge hill that was about halfway and on my way home I had to ride/walk all the way up it. This is what I remember, topping out and heading on home, then blank... that's right, blank. I think I fell asleep "at the wheel" if you will because I remember waking up on the back of a parked car, knuckles skinned and bleeding and some nasty bruises on my face and upper body... I RODE INTO A PARKED CAR!

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