Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Taste of Fear

I've never wanted a war so bad, I could taste the fear of new soldiers on my tongue.

"Ares," Zues kept asking, "why do you cause such pain and discontent?"

My answer always the same, "War, it's Euphoric, Zues, Like a drug i can't get enough of- you of all the Gods should understand with your having to bang every beautiful mortal woman you can find."

Its been too long since i've felt it, the hartred boiling in my veins, the excitment rushing in my head, and the taste of fear on my tongue. I stand ready amongst the men on the winning side waiting for the battle cry, the one that says "Fight this war and win!"

Cutting and slashing, blocking and punching, the fear in their eyes as I take off their head or spew their guts all over the ground with my sword, the stentch of death everywhere, RED- the color of home, the color of blood, the color of everything I now see and of everything I hold most dear.

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