Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary

This is based off the Friday Fiction prompt: You wake up covered in blood, clutching a diamond earring and no memory of the night before.

It was our anniversary and he was taking me to diner once again, the same thing every year, go to dinner, maybe see a movie, then go home and pay the babysitter for her time and patience.

The evening seemed to be dragging on, he wasn't saying much, just looking like he wasn't feeling well.

"Are you okay?" I asked him, he was started to show little beads of sweat on his forehead.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm okay, are you ready to go?"

"Sure, do you want me to get the check?" Of course he did, I didn't even give him any cash for today, what was I thinking?

"I'll wait."

I paid the ticket and he held my hand as we left. Politely he opened the car door and helped me in, then climbed into his side and started the car.

Surprised that he would turn left towards the canyon instead of right back towards town, I wondered at whre he was taking me.

He drove for about twenty minutes to a look off, that showed the valleys below for miles, we climbed out and watched the sunset, just before dark he handed me a box.

"Open it," He sqeaked, "Oh, and Happy Anniversary."

Smiling with excitement I opened the small black velvet box and watched amazed at how the diamond earrings shimmered in the last rays of the sun. I put them in and leaned in close to kiss him.

"Thank you." I said a little breathlessly.

"Well, shall we?" I knew he meant going home to get the kids, so I put my hand in his and we began our drive home.


I hear the sound like keys in the ingnition when the driver's door is open.

Slowly I open my eyes. Seeing the rays of the sun dancing on the autumn leaves makes me smile.

I try to sit up, I'm not able to move, I hold up my hands clenched tight, and see, see what, red, is that blood?

I open my fist and find a diamond earring, one from the pair I received from Robert. I turn adn look at him, haning above me tangled in his seatbelt, lifeless, blood from the ehad wound congealed already, his eyes open.

"Ma'am, can you tell us anything else? Anything about the accident?" The officer asks.

"No, I'm sorry, I have no further recollection of the night before."

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