Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Put on Your Makeup-

Based of the prompt by Carry On Tuesday : When now, where now, why now

"It's just something I really want to do Mom, I still want to play baseball and football, but just not as bad as I want to do this-" He had begged his mother in junior high, seeing an ad in the local paper advertising a Bull fighting School provided by one of the local Bull Breeders of the PBR.

Still remembering that look on her face when that first PBR size bull charged him and he didn't turn fast enough, when that big 2,000 pound bull threw him into the fence panel and stomped him, Thank God for that vest, he thought once he could think through the pain ricocheting through his back. 

"You shoulda seen it, Mom got the whole thing on video, someday you're gonna be famous..." Coming from his older brother of two years, the one who had talked his mother into letting him ride bulls.

Now, here he stands, in this arena, thousands of miles away from home waiting for the click of the chute as the lock is pulled away to run for my life and save a cowboy he barely knows.

Who he is, is this goofy looking rodeo clown, a natural born risk taker, the one who still can't back down from a challenge when the money talks.

Three time wearer of broken neck braces, more than he can count casts for broken bones, and who knows the sporter of how many stitches, but still here he stands in this dust filled arena, clown face ready, staring the bull in the eyes.

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