Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Spider

Carefully, quietly, and intently I watch the spider spin her tangled web in the corner of my covered patio. Focused on only one thing she ignores me and continues to weave. When finished both of us admire the work she's done; the carefully placed silk glistening in the final rays of sunset. Tired from the day's exhaustion we both retire.

 As the sun rises I take my cup of coffee and newspaper, and sit on my porch. Looking at the web, lined with the morning dew, I see a butterfly filled with adoration trying to get a closer view. It's not until its wings softly caress the silk that I realize what the spider's done. She's weaved her web, beautiful and deadly, a woven web of deceit.

 Her lies cover her poisonous mind, making us see only her beauty inside. It's not until we've been enticed, wined, dined, and befriended that we find the poison hid deep within. Her deceitful and beautiful web is a trap that will destroy us in the end.

Quickly I pulled out my broom and ruined the web, destroying her bed of lies. Looking at me she crawls to the ground, and before I become sentimental I bring my foot down and kill what’s left of our poorly constructed relationship.

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