Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Better Excuse Please...

His continued silence worried me beyond reason along with all of the other issues carouselling around me. With no other way to contact him other than email, I had continued to send one every few days inquiring on his status: was he lying dead in a ditch somewhere or merely avoiding all human contact. I told myself repeatedly that he was just busy, after all his day job did take up much of his time. An ill feeling had settled in my stomach causing me to despair. I wasn’t sure if it was his lack of response or if it were the other issues also at hand that was causing it. Relief flooded my mind and body when after two weeks of silence I received an email explaining his absence; relief was replaced by another feeling when I asked why he didn’t bother to email sooner and his response was, “I forgot, I am old after all…”

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