Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Devil's Challenge - Deals (Part 3)

Sam felt the air pushed out of his chest and a burning sensation on his face when the airbag exploded upon impact. Sam wondered where the truck had come from as he laid there trying to catch his breath and assess the situation around him. He leaned his head to the right and noticed that where Ellen had been sitting she was no longer there, turning towards the left again he noticed the gapping hole in the windshield. Panicking he moved his hand to unbuckle the seatbelt that had held him inside. After managing to pull his sore body out of the car he began looking for Ellen; his search brought him about twenty feet in front of where the collision had occurred. Seeing the head wound, then after checking for a pulse and finding none, Sam cried tears of shame and wondered if this was God’s way of telling him that Ellen was right.

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