Friday, March 11, 2011


Is It Love or Love of Power? (pt. 7)

Selwin’s thoughts raced while watching the funeral pyre burn. What did the Oracle mean by: Reversed the pending doom can be - if only the blind will choose to see? The blind could never choose to see- they were either cursed with blindness by the gods or suffered an injury that took away their blessing to see; if the blind could choose to see then why would any of them choose to remain in a world of darkness?

“She loves you - the Goddess -” resounded in Selwin’s mind as he watched the flames feeding on his beloved, Does she love me enough to let me win her over, to keep her as my prize… like a dog on a chain? If only I could become her master, I would be mightier than any king.

With the fire long dead, Selwin gathered up the ashes and ever so gently placed them inside the urn, filled with grieving rage and a new longing for power, he sought Agrona’s temple with a newly found determination.

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