Friday, March 11, 2011


Visions From The Unknown (pt.8)

Gisa, having become so consumed in Agrona’s power, had over the last few months, begun to see visions from gods who were unfamiliar to her. Gods whose presence were known only to other gods. One of those visions included Selwin and his dangerous love of Agrona. Taking it upon herself to please her Goddess, Gisa told Agrona of the vision and in turn also told Selwin with her prediction of the reversed doom. Tonight another such vision came encompassing Gisa’s entire being: another man would come, one who had already chosen to see, and with whom Agrona would share her power. The god who sent this vision commanded her with his bone crushing voice, “Speak of this to no-one, High Priestess.”

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  1. Wow, great concept and great story as well , and great to see you , playing with pen and paper, when you have the time - more please / Girl...