Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December - The Fun Way

The smell of the fresh cut tree that we had drug back to the truck and driven home with, is now filling our home, bringing in the holiday spirit.

The snowflakes falling outside our window remind us of how lucky we are to warm ourselves by the fire as we string lights around each branch bringing our Charlie Brown tree to life.

Plug in the lights and watch as our children’s eyes grow large with awe, as they think now about Santa.

The snowman we made this morning stares into the window with his charcoal eyes and listens as we tell stories of Christmas Cheer.

After bundling up to venture out for our December Parade, we head to the barn and hookup the team, climb in the sleigh for our annual hayride.

Caroling, laughing, and drinking our hot chocolate we wave to the crowded watchers who we’ll join when done to enjoy a little dancing to Jingle bell Rock.

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