Saturday, December 12, 2009

Story Virus v.5

Ok so this is new for me, but I was tagged in a project with some pretty great writers. Let's hope I don't let the team down.

Here's the lowdown: This is basically a series of flash stories. I was tagged by the amazing Paul Phillips, and given the list of previous posts so I could continue this on. I will add to the story, then tag more people for them to keep it moving. It is a wonderful concept and a lot of fun.

Okay - so here is where the chain begins:
I, Spotchy

Cormac Writes

Lost in the BoZone

David Barber's Fiction World

Writing The Hard Way

And then
Not From Here, Are You

And Finally
I Can't Believe It's Not Better!

Now, here is my addition to the story!

Blanco took his cell out of his pants pocket and quickly began dialing. Ring, Ring.

“Kris here, who the hell are you?”

“Kris it's Blanco, hey we have a situation.”

“Blanco? Why is it that I only hear from you when you have a ‘situation’?”

“Damn it Kris! This is serious, The Big Bopper is on the loose and we need help.”

“Who’s with you?”

“Houston is, and we’re headed back to Universe Mall.”

“Tell that bastard, Houston, that I’ll have the team ready. He can drop by on his way.”

“Thanks Kris, I owe you one-” Kris had already hung up leaving him talking to no one.

“Kris said you can head over and he’ll have the team ready for you.”

“I don’t know how to operate the team!” Gary’s look of horror surprised Blanco.

“Well you better learn how and quick! Now hurry up, Kris doesn’t like to be kept waiting.” Gary watched Blanco hurry to his car and drive away.
Damn that Kringle, he knows I don‘t know how to operate the team, Gary thought as he caught a cab to the outskirts of town, leaving his mother sitting in Erica’s wondering what was taking him so long in the restroom.

The barn smelled of old straw and urine, and Gary fought the need to cover his nose with his hand. “Kris? Kris? Kris Kringle, where the hell are you?”


Now I tag the following People:
What Is But May Not Be
Bite Me
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