Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tis The Season...

This post was inspired by true facts that occured to me today, and also use of the prompts from 3ww which are: Bleak, Queer, and Hiccup. Hope you enjoy!

Tis The Season...

Frustrated with the hiccup that occurred in my early December plans of Christmas Tree hunting, I looked at the large snow covered landscape that now surrounded me. Three large snow storms had hit since I had first made my plans, and now I was looking at a wall of snow about four and a half feet tall with only eight more days till, as the kids put it, the Jolly Old Man comes again..

My husband sneered at me from the truck, “I don’t see why we can’t just buy a fake tree, every year we end up doing this, trying to get a tree the last minute and there is always just too damn much snow.”

He just doesn’t get it, a Christmas tree has to be a real tree, a fake tree is plastic and definitely not the same. Besides, I'm trying to keep a tradition going by taking the kids and letting them experience the fun of picking out the “perfect” tree, cutting it down and dragging it back to the truck. Once home, measuring it and cutting it to size, then of course, decorating it!

I shuddered as the memory skated by of our first married Christmas together and watching my husband string lights on the tree, around and around in circles, not even trying to get every branch. Ridiculous! He had no concept of how to decorate a tree, and still doesn‘t.

Climbing back into the truck, I instructed him to drive to the next pull off point. After stopping and arguing about where to go because where we were did not look too promising, I saw the snowmobile tracks across the highway headed into the trees. Climbing out I crossed the street and climbed onto the packed snow, my eyes peeled, searching for that perfect tree. After hiking for a little while and searching, I thought to myself, My God, I’m never going to find the perfect tree! 

Now a ways from the road surrounded by snow, something told me to look to the right. I turned didn’t see a tree that looked right and was about to keep going when something told me to look over my shoulder and to the right. I did as I was told and there stood a queer tree. The more I looked at it, the more I wanted that one to be the perfect tree. I back-tracked to where the road was closest to the tree.

I realized my mistake when I stepped off the snowmobile track into the bleak snow surrounding it and found myself waist deep. I struggled to pull my boots free, but found that the more I pulled the more my feet wanted to come out of the boots themselves. Grabbing a bush whose branches were protruding out of the snow, I was able to give myself enough leverage to move my feet back to the road again. I started again with grim determination to reach the damn tree since I was not about to go start looking for another one in waist deep snow.

I stomped the snow down, trying to pack it and make a walkway. A half hour passed and still I found myself only halfway from the road to the tree, Only another fifteen feet to go! In the end, determination won out because I was finally able to get within arms reach of the tree, and that would surely be enough for my husband to cut it down.

Pulling the kids out of their car seats, we bundled them up. I pulled my camera from my pocket, flashing pictures of them as they waddled on the snow packed trail. My husband upon seeing where I had ventured off into the bushes became suspicious. “Be careful hun, I spent most of my time over there in waist deep snow.” I called to him. He rolled his eyes and continued in. Pulling the tree out proved to be a much easier task for him than me getting into where it stood.

I prayed to God that the tree would look alright since I could not get close enough to see the back side of it. God decided to be kind to me today because once we got the tree home and setup in the stand, it ever so gorgeously displayed a perfect set of branches on all sides.

The hiccup was well worth the wait…

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