Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Black and White

It was just like a living nightmare. I looked in the mirror and cursed myself for my own vanity. I knew it was ridiculous. The shade of my eyes had turned from blue to a ghastly grey and the color of my skin was no longer a gorgeous shade of tan but pale white. What would everyone think when they saw me? No longer the picture-perfect model, I stood there thinking that I looked like a ghost of what I had been. I shut my eyes tight and pulled out my cell phone.
Incubating the idea over and over in my head, I called my friend, “Hey Melissa…. yeah…. its me, can you come over for a minute? I have something that I need you to see….all right…see you in a few.”
I opened my eyes again and looked in the bathroom mirror. I continued to stare at my new uncolored body. I heard Melissa knock on the door and come in.
“What was so important that it couldn’t wait?”
“Look at me!” I said, “I’m all grey!” Seeing her face in the mirror, I turned around.
“What are you talking about?”
Looking at her with my mouth hanging open. It took a few tries to finally spit out the words screaming in my mind. “Look at you, you're all grey too!”
“I’m not all grey. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She looked confused, angry even.
“What do you mean?” I didn’t understand why she would lie to me. She hasn’t in the past.
“I think we should get you to the doctor.”
I went to my dresser and started pulling out clothes, all of them now shades of black and white. I knew my clothes should have been different colors. I started to freak out! Melissa helped me into some clothes and took me to her car. She drove me to the hospital and helped check me in. After what seemed like hundreds of eye tests, the doctor finally came in.
“You have a rare disease. It’s called, ‘Negative Suck’.”
I looked at him as if he were joking, but the look on his face said otherwise.
“This disease causes the cones in your eyes to quit working. I’m sorry to say, but you’ll never see color again.” Now I live my nightmare of a life seeing only black and white.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Window Peeker

The doctors had been asking me the same questions for weeks. Finally breaking down, I decided to tell them.

I’m not sure what I saw that evening with Craig but it sure isn’t something I’ve talked about since. We were only kids, you know. It could have been anything. We had been at school late for a study group in math. We had just finished with our teacher. You could tell through the windows that it had grown late; we didn’t have a lot of time to get home.

Craig and I had been best friends since I moved to Delway. He was the first one who greeted me at the door to tell me who he was and where he lived. We spent every living breathing day together.

Pausing to catch our breath, I noticed we were standing across from the old abandoned hotel. It was The Old Abandoned Hotel. Everyone knew what place you were talking about when you coughed up that name. I could have sworn I saw a curtain move in one of the upper windows. Craig told me to knock it off when I told him, and that I was stupid for trying to scare him. While Craig stooped to tie his shoes and re-adjust his backpack, I stared at the old building. Intrigued by its appearance, I couldn’t help but wonder why it had been abandoned. It wasn't until just recently that I found out what happened. Craig stood up and saw me staring at the upper windows of the hotel.

 “We better get back, ‘cause it’ll be dark soon, and they mostly come at night… mostly.”

I was telling him to knock it off right after that. I looked again and still the curtain was moving, I know it was. I pointed this out to Craig, but he just grabbed my arm and started pulling me away from the Old Hotel.

“Hey – What’s going on?” I asked roughly when Craig had apparently decided he had drug me far enough away from it.

 “Don’t you know, that building’s haunted. People have said that there are ghosts in it. Others say it’s a monster of a different kind. Either way, I’m not sticking around to check it out with you."

"When did you start believing in ghost stories?" I folded my arms and stared him down.

"I don't want to talk about it. Lets just go home, okay?" Craig looked at me, his eyes pleading.

"No way, I'm going back to check it out. You can go on home since your so scared." I knew if I pushed him hard enough that he'd give in, he couldn't let me go anywhere alone. There it was again, that fleeting look of fear, crossing his face and settling in his eyes.

"Fine," after a few moments of silence, "I'll come with you, but you have to promise you're only going to look at it, we can't go in."

"Fine." I said back. We turned and walked back to the abandoned hotel. Craig stopped me across the street and told me he wasn't going any closer. I kept going, I wanted to get as close as I could and see inside the windows on the main floor. Built in the early 1800's, it was a gorgeous sight to behold. I couldn't get enough of it. Every window I looked in was covered by moth-eaten curtains. Looking back I saw that I was now almost sixty yards from Craig. He looked like he was shaking. I turned around and continued on my mission. I was going to find a window to look in, even if it killed me. Turning the corner I found what I was seeking. A large window, the curtains had been taken down and lay in a neat pile just in front of the window. I pulled my sleeve up over my wrist and tried to clean some of the grime off the glass to get a better look.

I had to stand on my tip-toes to get a real good look. I could see old furniture untouched and covered with what had once probably been white sheets but were now dusty brown. An ancient television, some old lamps and other miscellaneous items stared back at me. I looked at the tv again, probably an old black and white from the looks of it. Just above the tv on the wall behind it, I saw what looked to be dark red/brown stains on the walls. I remember thinking, maybe it's blood. I found myself straining to look in the window now, it was starting to get dark.

"Come on Mark! We need to get home!" I could hear Craig shouting from where he was still standing on the corner across from the hotel.

"Okay, I'm coming!" I hollered back. I had to get one more look in the window of the old hotel. I'd be damned if I couldn't have something to go back and tell the kids from school that I had done. I stretched again on my tip-toes and peered into the window. Suddenly, a face appeared, not the face of a person, the face of...of... of God only knows what. I screamed something incoherent as I fell back on my butt, and scrambled to get away. I ran to Craig, grabbed him and started pulling him away from the god forsaken building.

"What the hell, Mark? What happened?" Craig panted running beside me.

I couldn't tell him, I couldn't tell anyone.

That face has haunted my dreams for years now. I still can't sleep more than a few minutes at a time or it comes back for me. I can see it clear as day, staring back at me through the window. Please, just don't make me go back to sleep, okay? I ask the doctors.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Spider

Carefully, quietly, and intently I watch the spider spin her tangled web in the corner of my covered patio. Focused on only one thing she ignores me and continues to weave. When finished both of us admire the work she's done; the carefully placed silk glistening in the final rays of sunset. Tired from the day's exhaustion we both retire.

 As the sun rises I take my cup of coffee and newspaper, and sit on my porch. Looking at the web, lined with the morning dew, I see a butterfly filled with adoration trying to get a closer view. It's not until its wings softly caress the silk that I realize what the spider's done. She's weaved her web, beautiful and deadly, a woven web of deceit.

 Her lies cover her poisonous mind, making us see only her beauty inside. It's not until we've been enticed, wined, dined, and befriended that we find the poison hid deep within. Her deceitful and beautiful web is a trap that will destroy us in the end.

Quickly I pulled out my broom and ruined the web, destroying her bed of lies. Looking at me she crawls to the ground, and before I become sentimental I bring my foot down and kill what’s left of our poorly constructed relationship.

Friday, October 23, 2009


This piece was created in lue of a 6S challenge between 5 members myself included where we each took one element and wrote about it. - CJT

My beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

You take in my awe-inspiring creations: breathtaking mountain heights, barren wastelands, scorched deserts, calming forests, ice-covered islands, and each time you are moved by the serenity found within.

Every waking moment your vision is filled with the foundations I have created for everything living.

You easily forget that I'm constantly fed by your bloodshed which allows my body to create an ever-changing cycle of life, death, decay and rebirth.

When angered at your abuse of my body, I have unleashed monstrosities: by cracking my knuckles that you call plates, mountains have been devoured, by proclaiming my anger, you see volcanoes, from which lava and ash have spewed forth and destroyed whole civilizations.

I am Earth.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Memories of the Lost

Preparing her horses for the annual hayride, Jessie felt the heartache. Baxter and Sasha, her clydesdales, stood restlessly waiting for the signal to go; their breath steaming in the frigid air and hooves pawing at the frozen ground.

Fetching the bells from the shed and thinking back to two weeks ago, Jessie felt her eyes sting from the oncoming tears.

Angry and upset over the loss of her favorite horse, Barker, Jessie jangled the bells hard and threw them to the ground.

"Why the hell did he have to be so reckless?!" she screamed into the fading grey sky, fists raised.

She thought of the fear in his eyes as he struggled against the blood loss and cold from getting caught in the barbed wire that had cut through the main artery in his leg.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Last One Standing

In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since.

He told me one evening after coming home and finding me in my room with a swelling black eye, “Honey, never start a fight, but make sure you always finish it.”

Being a girl, it was never considered “lady-like” to be a fighter, but that’s exactly what my dad taught me to be. 

From elementary school fights to high school fights, I did just as my dad said, I never started them, but I sure finished them.

His advice never made more sense to me than the night I was hanging with some of my military friends and “the enemy” as we called her started the fight, I finished by sending her to the hospital with a broken nose and stitches across her eyebrow.

His advice taught me that if I’m ever put in the position of having to duck a punch, I’ll always be the last one standing.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Just Say "No"

Bomp…bomp…bomp… I hear someone knocking on the door.

“Honey, can you get that?” My wife, Sharon, asks from the kitchen. Putting down the remote and dragging myself out of my favorite lazyboy, I walk to the front door and open it. Great, its my neighbor from two houses down.

“Hi, come on in.” I tell him opening the door wider so he can step in.

“I’ll only be a sec.” He says, “Did you by chance get a package in the last few days?”

“No, why?” I casually ask while trying to keep a straight face.

“My son’s girlfriend said she’s been waiting for a package and that she put my address on it. The problem is, that it hasn’t shown up yet and now she’s thinking that maybe she gave the shippers the wrong address.”

“No, I haven’t seen it, but if I do then I’ll let you know.”

“Thanks.” He walked back outside and I watched as he headed to the next neighbor’s house.

“Who was that, Ray?” I hear Sharon ask from the kitchen.

“It was Derryl from two houses down.”

“He wasn’t here long, what did he want?

“You know that box from the other day…” I hesitated, leaning around the entry to the kitchen to look at her.

“You mean… that was his?”


“What did you tell him?”

“Not that we threw it away, just that we hadn’t seen it. He said it was something that his son’s girlfriend had ordered.” I don’t think I’ve seen Sharon’s eyes get that big before in my life.

So, let me tell you about this package we received, the package that I just told my neighbor we didn’t, to clue you in a little bit…

I work for the Army. I had one of the shittiest days on record and was listening to my favorite Nickleback song when I pulled into my driveway. Walking up to my front porch I notice this package, right? So, I look at the info, it has my address on it but not my name. It had a name that I’ve never even heard of. I know all of my neighbors and it definitely wasn’t one of their names. I searched the box for a return sender, or something identifiable as to where it came from, nada, nothing, zip.

I did the only logical thing I could, and took it inside. When Sharon came home, she looked it over too and still no additional clues were found.

After debating back and forth with my wife we decided to open it. I pulled out my pocket knife and cut the tape. The box was filled with packing peanuts so we started to fish. One bad thing led to another.

Now, I’ve seen some pretty nasty stuff being in the military and all, but this was beyond anything I’d even seen. My poor wife- all I wanted to do was shield her poor eyes.

Inside was hard core porn, wait, even worse than hard core. This was bad enough to make the “hard core” seem girlie. Not only did we find porn though, the more we fished the more the box had to reveal. There were sex toys of all sorts, how to manuals, and stuff I won’t even mention. It was just too appalling.

I packed the box back up as quick as I could, went to the basement and dug out the tape gun we hadn’t used since Christmas, and taped the sucker shut.

I ripped off the address label and burned it, then put the entire box, contents and all, into my garbage can. Thank God it was garbage pickup the following day.

Okay, so now, imagine me telling my neighbor as casually as possible that I hadn’t see the box he was looking nor it’s contents within the last few days… ha ha.

Now, lets see if you can top that story.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Anything's A Weapon

Upon finding out that my indecent neighbor was a child molester who had been talking to my daughter, I went out to confront him while he was standing in my yard.

After telling him to stay away from my child, he became very vocal. Frustrated by his ignorance, I told him, "You better understand what I'm telling you, or else!"

"Or else what?" he asked.

Looking down and seeing my fluffy grey cat, Tiger, by my feet, I reached down and grabbed him by his hind legs and swung him towards my neighbor like a bat. With his screeching, yowling voice and claws extended, I hit him smack in the face and said as Tiger went for the kill, "Or else this!"

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Daughter of Sin

This piece originally started as a 6S original, a series of 6 six sentences.... Now hopefully, the start of a novel to come-  CJT

Part 1

“Have you seen me before,” he slimy voice asks, the stench emanating from his body was almost overwhelming, his robe flowing about him like moth eaten sheets when they sway in the breeze on wash day, his wings nothing more than a frame of bones, his shadow slithering around us like fog on a rainy morning, he grabbed my face with his corpse like hand, covered in rotting flesh, to make me look him in the eyes that he no longer had, “Not many have lived to see my twice, yet how many times now have you cheated death.”

 “No one to save you this time,” he licked his rotten teeth, his breath smelling of spoiled food, “God has forsaken you, he did after you turned your back on him and became what you are now.”

I could feel my body shaking with the intensity that it took not to shift forms, to him I was a little girl, the little girl that defied them all, with my shrieking temper and loud lungs I called death, I called him and told him to kill them all.

“Did God not tell you, the last time he saw you,” I curiously asked him, my eyes straining not to turn red from their perfect blue, “even Christ cannot do what I can, you see, I have control over you.”

His laughter like ocean waves smacking the cliff face, still holding my face he looked at me, smelled me, his rotten fleshy hand touched me, I remembered why God had forsaken me in the shining skies of Heaven, He, ashamed of his affair with Mary, not the first time for Christ, but for the second when he created me, the daughter of Sin.

No longer able to hold back, my formed changed into the grey mask of a woman, my red eyes filled with blood of the life filled souls he had taken for me, my wings the color of dark night spread out before us, “Come Grim Reaper,” I see him shudder under my dominate voice, “We have work to do.”

Part 2 - The Fall of Kokabiel

“Grim,” I ask picking at the remains of our most recent meal, “Why did God have to make you stink like the maggot filled bodies of the dead we leave after we are finished with them?”

“Why do you always call me Grim,” the slimy voice retorted, “do you even know my real name, Enepsigos,” I shake my head no, my black hair swaying around my face, “my name, my real name is Kokabiel, it means Star of God.”

“How could you be called the Star of God, when you work for Death,” what he was telling me made no sense at all, my blue eyes stared into his empty eye sockets, yearning for the answer, my life so much younger than his prevented me from knowing the history of Heaven that to him was common knowledge.

The Grim Reaper leaned in close to me, his hot breath stinging my ear, the gagging stench threatening to cut off my oxygen flow, “I was one of God’s favored, one of the First Quorum of Sons, the council was mine to guide, after Lucifer’s rebellion about The Plan of Salvation, it was left for the remainder of us to choose between Lucifer and Jehovah, the Quorum was divided, my choice was the same as Lucifer’s, for that God cursed me just as he did you.”

“Let me get this straight,” I leaned away from him to fill my lungs with fresh air, “God made you this way because you didn’t side with his Beloved?”

Nodding his head, the breeze caught his hood and whipped it away revealing his skull, a decaying layer of flesh still lined it, “It is time,” I whispered, my anger turning my eyes red again, “We must prepare to meet Death, and there is still much to do yet.”

Part 3 - A Date With Death

Angry and upset by what the Grim Reaper had told me about being one of the favored of God, I finished my work and fled to the forest where I let my change overtake me, the warm rays of first light warming my black feathers giving them the look of shimmering silver.

I sat holding my head in my hands, stifling my sobs, tears trickling down my face, thinking back to the day in Heaven’s bright hall, where He told me He was ashamed of me, He was ashamed of Himself for having to see Mary over and over, and because He was wallowing in His own grief, I was to be kicked out of Heaven, to be another one of His fallen Angels.

“It doesn’t help to relive the moment of the Fall,” Appollyn, The Angel of Death, stepped out of the darkness near me, gathering me into his harms he rocked me, kissing the tears from my cheeks, “Our Father betrayed us all.”

His steal wings surrounding us, looking in my eyes, stroking my face, counting the beats of my heart, time stopped and was still.

I awoke just as the sun was sinking below the horizon, alone, empty, and cold, spreading my wings I flexed them, took flight and began to search for Grim, “You’re late,” licking his blood covered teeth, “No worries though, I was told you had another date with Death.”

Smiling, I moved upwind, if there was anything that would ruin my appetite, it was feeding downwind of the Grim Reaper, I looked around, Grim reading my mind stiffly replied, “If you’re wondering where the hounds are, Death took them with him.”

Part 4 - Unexpected Events

Death’s hounds came running to us as soon as they smelled the putrid flesh of the Grim Reaper, stopping to lick my hands and face once they reached me.

They rubbed up along my knees and lead me back to their master, his face masked by the cloak of night, “Grim, the hounds will lead you to my latest victims,” we watched as he followed the dogs, his shadow of mist flowing around him as he strode away, “now, Enepsigos, come to me.”

I moved toward him, my movements slow and paced, Death pulled me to him and lifted his hood, the face of Apollyn, The Fallen Angel of Death, lay beneath, resting his ash colored hand on my belly, looking into my eyes, into my soul, knowing without a doubt that I’m carrying his child, his little angel.

My red eyes no longer the dominating force, turn blue, and look to him, my master, my lover, my Angel of Death.

“Trouble is coming, Enepsigos,” Apollyn whispers, pulling from his cloak a short sword, the blade made from the dust of stars, forged from the fires of hell, “a war Enepsigos, a war between the angels.”

As if hearing our words, Death’s hounds gave an eerie howl that split the night and The Grim Reaper approached, scythe held at the ready, “Master of Masters,” his slimy voice uttered, “the victims are missing.”

Part 5 - New Armor

“Grim,” Apollyn barked, “I need you to take Enepsigos and seek out Xaphan, the fallen angel who tends the fires of Hell, Enepsigos needs armor and I won’t leave her unprotected, he’ll know what to do, and Grim, protect her with everything you hold dear, she’s our future now, take the hounds, they also will help protect you.”

Angry tears flashed in my red eyes, threatening to spill over, Death shook me, “Never fear, Enepsigos, you are strong, stronger than God, and this will flow past us-” I turned and looked into his black eyes, kissed him and turned to look at Grim.

“We will fly hard, the Reaper and I, we shall reach the gates of hell, no one, not even God himself will stop us,” I turned back to face Death, watching him pull his black armor crested with a red eye surrounded by flames, “tell the others Apollyn, and let them know that I carry with a fierce intensity, the soul to save us all.”

I watched with hatred as Death took flight, first circling above Grim and I, like a vulture scouting for prey, then as he flew west into the cloud covered moon, my stubborn tears finally winning control, roll down my cheeks, and all the while I’m thinking, I never want to see him leave me again.

Being fitted for armor by Xaphan was like being touched by Grim, they both felt dirty, smelled bad, and left you a little sick, I held my stomach down until we could exit the gates of Hell, then Grim watched with quant satisfaction as I wrenched what remained of my last meal all over the ground, then we watched as Death’s hounds licked up the vile mess I had made, “Nasty Animals, aren’t they-” Grim mocked.

“Not any nastier than you-” I retorted back spreading my wings, readying for the flight back to show Death my new armor, a matching set to his.

Part 6 - A Shocking Revelation

God sitting on his “throne divine” in the Celestial Temple of Heaven listened intently as Gariel and Michael repeated what they had heard, “The know we’re coming,” Gabriel whined, “they’ve already started to prepare and collect followers, even more quickly and fiercely than we thought they would.”

“What have you heard of Death,” God asked Michael, “does he still stand ready for war, are there no negotiations being voiced?”

Raziel approached the throne, kneeling, he kissed God’s feet then said quietly, “Lord, our God, I have heard news, about Enepsigos,” taking a deep breath and seeing the shocked look on God’s face, he carefully continued, “I have heard that she is with child, not just any child, but Death’s Child.”

“WHAT,” God roared, shaking the temple with his quaking voice, “how can this be, no angel fallen or not can have children unless I give the power or make them a God themselves!”

“Father,” Michael stepped forward, “maybe this child of fallen angels is going to be born a god, or a demon, or breed of something so beyond us that we’ve never seen anything like it-” silence echoed through the temple, making all of them uncomfortable.

“Gabriel, you must bring me Jehovah, then seek out the oracles of the Shectun Stars, I must know what this means, what we are facing, and if we need to notify the Council of the Gods of Fathers to help with this war to bring down all of the fallen children of mine,” God looking shockingly grey, a color not seen by any since he had been chosen by his father to become a god, “Death must not know what knowledge we are seeking.”

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Put on Your Makeup-

Based of the prompt by Carry On Tuesday : When now, where now, why now

"It's just something I really want to do Mom, I still want to play baseball and football, but just not as bad as I want to do this-" He had begged his mother in junior high, seeing an ad in the local paper advertising a Bull fighting School provided by one of the local Bull Breeders of the PBR.

Still remembering that look on her face when that first PBR size bull charged him and he didn't turn fast enough, when that big 2,000 pound bull threw him into the fence panel and stomped him, Thank God for that vest, he thought once he could think through the pain ricocheting through his back. 

"You shoulda seen it, Mom got the whole thing on video, someday you're gonna be famous..." Coming from his older brother of two years, the one who had talked his mother into letting him ride bulls.

Now, here he stands, in this arena, thousands of miles away from home waiting for the click of the chute as the lock is pulled away to run for my life and save a cowboy he barely knows.

Who he is, is this goofy looking rodeo clown, a natural born risk taker, the one who still can't back down from a challenge when the money talks.

Three time wearer of broken neck braces, more than he can count casts for broken bones, and who knows the sporter of how many stitches, but still here he stands in this dust filled arena, clown face ready, staring the bull in the eyes.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary

This is based off the Friday Fiction prompt: You wake up covered in blood, clutching a diamond earring and no memory of the night before.

It was our anniversary and he was taking me to diner once again, the same thing every year, go to dinner, maybe see a movie, then go home and pay the babysitter for her time and patience.

The evening seemed to be dragging on, he wasn't saying much, just looking like he wasn't feeling well.

"Are you okay?" I asked him, he was started to show little beads of sweat on his forehead.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm okay, are you ready to go?"

"Sure, do you want me to get the check?" Of course he did, I didn't even give him any cash for today, what was I thinking?

"I'll wait."

I paid the ticket and he held my hand as we left. Politely he opened the car door and helped me in, then climbed into his side and started the car.

Surprised that he would turn left towards the canyon instead of right back towards town, I wondered at whre he was taking me.

He drove for about twenty minutes to a look off, that showed the valleys below for miles, we climbed out and watched the sunset, just before dark he handed me a box.

"Open it," He sqeaked, "Oh, and Happy Anniversary."

Smiling with excitement I opened the small black velvet box and watched amazed at how the diamond earrings shimmered in the last rays of the sun. I put them in and leaned in close to kiss him.

"Thank you." I said a little breathlessly.

"Well, shall we?" I knew he meant going home to get the kids, so I put my hand in his and we began our drive home.


I hear the sound like keys in the ingnition when the driver's door is open.

Slowly I open my eyes. Seeing the rays of the sun dancing on the autumn leaves makes me smile.

I try to sit up, I'm not able to move, I hold up my hands clenched tight, and see, see what, red, is that blood?

I open my fist and find a diamond earring, one from the pair I received from Robert. I turn adn look at him, haning above me tangled in his seatbelt, lifeless, blood from the ehad wound congealed already, his eyes open.

"Ma'am, can you tell us anything else? Anything about the accident?" The officer asks.

"No, I'm sorry, I have no further recollection of the night before."