Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The look of cold steel shone up at me from her ice blue eyes as I double checked the last leather restraint securing her to the metal frame of the bed. It was my first time unsupervised and I was worried I was going to do something wrong. I put my hand on hers and felt her body shudder in response. “Don’t worry sweetie, I’m only here to help you - you know - find yourself.” After double checking the restraints I pulled the cart over to the side of the bed that contained the drug filled needle; I inserted it into her arm shooting the milky liquid into her body. While watching the cold look turn into one of relief as she became more and more relaxed, I questioned myself, Whatever inspired me to work in a mental institution with schizophrenics?


  1. VEry well written. I love your blog header pic.

  2. Hi Nicole,

    Great flash of horror.

    I found you through the clarity site and I'm glad I did.