Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Time Escapes Us

Our past is set in stone. We are told that it is unhealthy to dwell there for too long. We can become lost in our memories, too busy to live in the present because we are reliving the past. In our past, great monsters lurk and if too much time is spent on trying to think of a better way we could have caged them we forget the monsters who might be ready to ambush us in the future. We long for the best when we look for the future, but are scared of what it will bring. The present time escapes us as our time spent is blurred between the lines of past and future where we laugh, we weep, we hope, we fear.


  1. A thoughtful piece of prose that sums up the human condition.

  2. I love the whole concept of this write. Very thought provoking

  3. Monsters kept in cages. What were their bonds? bars? I read a book recently that said everything we hold on to that is negative is distructive and blocks the flow of universal energy. I liken this to placing a boulder in the river of my life, the flow gets backed up or turbulent around the obstruction. When, I say when not if !, I get hung up on something I sit quietly and try to visualise removing this stone, pebble or boulder from my lifes river. A grain of sand, my life can deal wiht that on its own, but a storm deluge or uprooted trees, they need more attention !! I try to have a happy clear babbling stream in sunlight. Keeping the energy flowing and clensing on lifes journey, afterall the river knows where it is going even if it doesnt know its destination.
    L and E

  4. I like that! This prompt summons up demons from the past doesn't it?

    Not entirely sure why.


    I do like your reference to the present and future being full of hope and limitations.

    Thanks for sharing.


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  6. CJT, the melancholy tone of this piece really moved me, and I was so struck by the notion of caging our monsters that I was inspired to write about it. Thank you for the inspiration.
    We Know Now

  7. thoughtful usage of words has actually summed up the dilemma of human behavior....inspiring!!!