Monday, February 8, 2010

FFF #20 A Story Heard in the Bar

His life would have been a lot simpler if he’d just said no.

“Oh?” You question.

Yes, it would have. It’s simple really. He’d be dead.

“What?” You question again.

Well, all he had to do was tell Mr. Lamb no. Backed against a wall with a gun held to his head he answered yes.

“Answered yes to what?” You ask.

You see, he owed money, and not to just anybody. He owed it to Mr. Lamb’s son.

“What did he need the money for?”

You sure ask a lot of questions. Well he needed the money to buy that big gun from his father that he planned to sell. Shut your mouth; don’t even think about asking another question yet. The request of Mr. Lamb was for him to use that big gun of daddy’s that he had bought with his money and kill Mr. Maxwell, the town mayor. And before you ask, yes, he did it. But that was just the beginning.

“Just the beginning?”

Sure was, you see, Mr. Lamb had other requests. First it was the mayor, then it was one of the Senators, next it was a Supreme Court Judge. Well, he told me, it just kept getting more and more complicated. Last week, he was ‘requested’ to kill the Secretary of State. Yes, the Secretary of State.

“Did he do it?”

Have you heard of a new one in place? Hell no he didn’t, dipshit. He told Mr. Lamb no.

“What does that mean?” You ask.

If you’d just quit asking for about two minutes, I’d be able to tell you. Jesus. Now he’s on the run from Mr. Lamb.

“What does Mr. Lamb look like?”

Well, he never actually saw Mr. Lamb, just talked to him on the phone while being held by Mr. Lamb's goonies. Since you're asking though, he looks like me. You see, I’m his brother. Bang! Bang! Looks like you should have run a little faster.