Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nightmare in the Dark

Never before had he looked death in the eye. Sure, he had seen people die, but this was different. Terrified, he looked his killer in the eyes, those unnatural eyes.

The creature from the pits of hell stared at his fifth victim, his claw-like fist inside the man's chest holding his still beating heart. With a snarl he ripped it out and stuffed the pulsating mass into his mouth and chewed on it like a dog does a squeak toy. Stuffing both sets of his massive claws back inside the chest cavity he ripped the man apart into two halves throwing them to each side.


  1. Gory, sick and excelllent. Reminded me a little bit of Rchard Layman. Nice flash Nicole.

  2. Yeah, I can see the comparison to Laymon...gore and more!
    Nice post, Nicole. Sent you a message at 6S cos I didnt see this posted here!!

  3. Should I be afraid to keep walking with you?? Nice job Nic.