Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Departure of a Soul Mate

Straining to hold back tears, she begged herself not to cry.

It had only been a week since his departure – and with an aching heart she sat on the edge of her bed filled with too much pain to move.

Knowing that a week of bliss had to end and that it would be near half a year before she would see him again, she had lived every moment with him trying to remember every smile, whisper, kiss, touch, and each second of their glorious love making.

Eyes closed and picturing his tender smile, she ran her fingers gently across her legs, stomach, and breasts, reminding herself of his heavenly caresses.

Reminiscing in the memory of the final night where they had made love in her bed, she whispered his words out loud to herself as if challenging his voice to be heard, “We are meant to be, forever, more than any words or touch can proclaim.”

It was then that she could feel his hands upon her, brushing lightly with his fingertips, covering her in soft kisses that could be blown away with the wind, and in her moment of pleasure, the silent room echoed the call of his name.


  1. You big sap. Don't tell anyone I liked it.

  2. how do you know she wasn't talking about me?
    And this was gorgeous, the last line was a killer!

  3. Randal, of course I won't tell anyone!

    Illyria, this piece is definitely about you!

    David - I actually got a WOW out of you... amazing! Never thought to make you speechless

  4. Something about parting being such sweet sorrow....

    Randal is right, of course...
    David, too!!

    Lovely piece!