Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FFF #26 - Hidden Reminders

What do you see when you close your eyes?”


“What kind of symbols?”

“I’m not sure how to describe them, they are so unique-” I hesitated, “but, I guess I can show you some of them.”

“Show me?”

“Well yeah. I draw them as I see them.”

“And you carry these drawings around with you?”

“Well… Kinda.”

“What do you mean exactly?” My counselor asked a little confused.

I would have never offered to show the renderings to my counselor if I had not of been dressed to meet up with a few girlfriends at one of the local night clubs afterwards that evening.

I saw his greedy eyes as I slipped off my black leather jacket. Standing up, I slowly turned around to face the wall. At the view of my open backed top, I heard his sharp intake of air.

“I think each one of them means something to me, like they are trying to tell me about a part of my life or that something is going to happen.” I heard him get out of his reclining chair and approach me. I shuddered as he lightly fingered each of the patters that lined my back, shoulder, neck and arm. “Please don’t touch me Mr. Schafer.” I quietly requested. His touch had set my skin on fire and I uncomfortably reached down for my leather jacket again. After donning it, I returned to my seat on the couch.

That was during one of our earlier sessions together. Today, I knew, was going to be our fifteenth session.

“Ms. Thompson, have you been seeing any new symbols lately?” His voice was heavily burdened today with desire or lust. I couldn’t be sure.

“Yes Mr. Schafer, I have been seeing one.”

“And what is it?” Eagerness filled his voice and could be seen in his eyes. “And how long have you been seeing it?”

“I’ve been seeing it now for the last few weeks. Do you have some paper? I think I can draw it for you.”

“You haven’t had this one done as a tattoo yet?” I shook my head no. I could see the disappointment on his face at not being able to see my back again.

He stood and went to his printer and pulled a piece of paper handing it to me along with a pencil. I started to draw the image that had been burned into the back of my eyelids for the last three weeks.

“An eye?” He asked as he carefully looked over the drawing. “What do you think it means, Ms. Thompson?”

“I’m not one hundred percent sure, yet.”

“Well, shall we reflect what we’ve decided the others mean?”

“I’ve been told by various tattoo artists that all of mine are tribal tattoos.”

“That’s right. Now let’s start with…” He pondered a moment, “the one on your shoulder, the circle with a wolf head.”

“The Circle with a wolf head – means that I have a connection with animals.”

“The one just below the wolf/circle one that looks almost like a person playing a piano?”

“Oh, the one on my shoulder blade- means that I inspire through my talents.”

“What about each of the dragons?”

“The three dragons each mean that I possess the intellect, power, and courage of the mightiest of all beasts of prey.”

The one on your lower back—”

“that’s the night bat – showing that I have power over darkness and even in people’s minds I can make them happy – make them see the light.”

And together we said, “And the horse on my left shoulder blade…” Mr. Schafer’s voice died out as I continued, “is there to show leadership.

“And the one on your neck represents your life as a two way highway.” I nodded. “So what then does this latest one mean that you’ve been seeing? Hmm?”

"It’s the evil eye, Mr. Schafer, and it’s been looking at you through me for quite some time.” I watched as he scribbled notes or thoughts of what I said in his notebook, seeing his look of confusion I continued. “I see the way you look at me, I can read your thoughts through your eyes.”

I could tell that this caught his attention because his head jerked up and he stared intently at me from his chair across the room.

“Because of your helpfulness, I’ve brought you a gift.” I pulled from my bag a blindfold and took it to him, laying it across his hands. “Put this on Mr. Schafer.”

As he secured his blindfold, with a smile on his face, I took out a needle filled with a sleeping agent and quickly injected it into his arm.

“What the Hell!”

“It’s okay Mr. Schafer, you’ll get what you want before our session is over.” I taunted him in my sing-song voice. As I waited for him to drift into a peaceful slumber, I setup my tape recorder and began telling my story of the day before:

Walking down Fifth Ave I stumbled upon a medium. I just knew that was what she was. We began talking and she told me she doesn’t like to touch people but found it difficult to not touch me. She wanted to touch right where a tattoo, a symbol, was. I allowed her the pleasure of telling me my story and found her information to be fascinating.”

By now my counselor was out to the world, and I quickly began to pull out the needed equipment. On his forehead I began stenciling a copy of “The evil eye” on his forehead. As the night drug on, I continued to tell him more and more of my encounter with the third kind.

“Through her, I found that my body has survived the ages, that it has indeed been a body to serve some of the most ferocious women in all of history. In this re-incarnated state, part of my memories come back with a symbol to help remind me of what I’ve forgotten in previous lives.”

I concluded my story as I put the finishing touches of ink into his newly acquired tattoo. He began to stir, and upset by his evil thoughts about my body and his, I took the needle gun in my hand and started to stab him in the eyes leaving him with only the third or evil eye.

Mr. Schafer screamed out in pain as he came to enough to feel the needle in his eye over and over again. Finally sniffling he settled back into his chair whimpering, “please please let me go.”

“I have a feeling Mr. Schafer, that this is going to be our last session. Enjoy being alone, and feel free to send me your crazies. Oh, and I almost forgot, with you newly acquired tattoo, you’ll be able to show the world what type of a person are you—EVIL.” I gathered my items, stopped the tape recorder and placed the cassette in his semi opened hand. With a smile on my face and a skip in my step, I unlocked his office door and headed off to find where I had parked my car.


  1. Great concept of a story. Some excellent imagery and word groupings. I finished feeling that she was way more evil than the counseler.

  2. I agree with MRMacrum...interesting story and she's a nasty piece of work.

  3. Thanks a ton Cormac, I don't know how I missed it... oh wait - yes I do it was like 1:30 in the a.m. by the time I actually posted it... still not happy with it - and I might just go back and re-write it when I have the urge...

  4. Nice one, Nicole. I agree with what Cormac said over at the main FFF site: This has a very X-Files feel.

    Hope you listen to the urge and rewrite it to make you happier. I think you've got a keeper.

  5. Nice piece Nicole and a great idea. You seemed to be in the same state as me with getting it finished and as you've already said you're going for a re-write I thougt I'd help you out. ;-)

    "She wanted to tough (touch?)right where a tattoo, a symbol, was. I allowed her the pleasure..."

    It wasn't a distraction from the story but wanted to let you know.

    Great work, David.

  6. In my rush to be on-time this week and make the deadline late last night, I managed to miss a lot of typos. I am glad that you folks are so willing to help point them out to me. (I hate putting stuff up that isn't finished)!

    Thanks Everyone for you fabulous commentary.

  7. Woo-hoo!!
    Fantastic piece, Nicole. The symbols and meanings, the counsellor and the medium...all brought together very well.
    I particularly liked the concept...and a minor edit here and there would pull this together even more. (Not that I am saying it's loose...damn, you know what I mean!)

  8. I think you should revise, refine this -- I didn't think she was going to go where she went -- very disturbing :)

  9. Needles in the eyeball. Ouch.

    Yes, very disturbing, and thus, quite lovely.

  10. Egad! I wonder what sent her to counciling to begin with?

    Nice story CJT. I didn't see the end coming at all.