Tuesday, April 13, 2010

FFF #28 The Payment Plan

“The Trouble with me is that I never realize how deep in the shit I am until I’m choking on the stuff.”

“Seriously Frank, they aren’t paying us enough to do this job.” I looked helplessly at my partner.

“He doesn’t care, look at Frank, he doesn’t care if I talk, do you Frank? See, it doesn’t seem to bother him—”

“You were just talking about choking on the shit, right? Well guess what if you don’t shut your god-damn mouth you’re going to be choking on my fist.” My clenched fist was held eye level in the air towards him and I could see the fear in his eyes. “That’s better,” I sighed, “finally some peace and quiet.”

“God, Jack, why are so on edge tonight?” I looked at Frank, anger burning behind my eyes.

“Yeah Jack, why?”

“You shut the Fuck up,” I pointed at our victim tied to his chair, “and hmmm, Frank, I wonder why? Couldn’t have anything to do with this stupid-ass job that the boss gave us, could it?” I continued to ramble on for another minute or so.

“Shut up Jack!” Frank horsely commanded in a whisper. Stooping, he squinted out the window into the dark. “They’re coming, Jack, get ready.”

“Who’s coming?” Our victim looked frightened. “Are they with you?”

“Not with us, but not against us.” Frank turned towards him from the window. “You like to break bad news, Jack, why don’t you tell him.”

“You know I hate this part of the job right Frank?” I looked at him disgusted, my stomach turning in circles – I hated our meetings with them no matter how brief they were. “In order to keep our lives, our families, our homes, our governments, our entire way of life, we have to offer payment.” I was whispering, I knew that the collectors didn’t like loud voices – and I definitely didn’t want to fall victim to one in a rage. I had already seen the kind of damage they could do.

“What do you mean, offer payment, who are they?”

Frank looked at me his disgust prevalent. I knew how much he hated it when I drug the story out instead of just telling them.

“What we do, is work with the third kind—”

“Third kind, you mean, like aliens? What a joke!” His loud laughter ripped through the room.

“Yes aliens you dip shit, and you aren’t gonna think it’s so funny in a minute.” My body was trembling, get a grip on yourself, I kept repeating in my mind.

“Prepare yourselves.” Frank’s voice had turned to a deeply stone hard tone and opened the door a blank look on his face.

I steeled myself for the look at the monstrosities that owned our world.

“AAARRRGGGHHHH!” Our victim screamed, kicked, and fell over in his chair in his struggle to get away.

Another sick night, but at least it was one where I hadn’t fallen victim yet.

I gave them the bird as they entered their strange air craft, and begged myself not to be sick as it hovered higher and higher then took off into the night.


“You see Frank—that morning last week, was when I had gotten the phone call from Chief explaining that you were to be the next payment. I was afraid I was going to let you in on it.”

“You’re next Jack, you know that, right?” Frank called out to me as I opened the door to allow Frank to meet his end.


  1. Oh, very nice! A surprise ending, at least for me. I like the realism in your dialogue.


  2. I think I'll pay cash, 'K'? Lovin' this one Cole!

  3. A fine "rush job" Nicole. Maybe a little tweak here and there, but I enjoyed it.

  4. "Not with us, but not against us"

    Middle ground ain't always the safest place.

    Enjoyed that Nicole.

  5. Nice little twist there -- payment must be made

  6. Oh, this is obviously fiction. Where's the Cancer Man?

    Never make deals with devils, unless they got big ray guns.

  7. Splendid dialogue with na tasty twist.