Thursday, April 8, 2010

Too Good to be True

She had been told that he only had two requirements. The first being that she needed to keep up with the news, that means either watching it every day, or reading it. The second being to put down that damn spoon!

We had met at a local cafe and he reading his paper with a cup of coffee at the table next to mine, and I working on a new story for Thinking-Ten while eating a bowl of soft serve ice cream.

I had noticed him right away sitting at the table next to mine - quite an attractive man! He's most likely married, I told myself and so decided to pay him no mind. When I heard his chair move I didn't look up, but when I heard the chair across from mine move, I did.

Looking me straight in the eye, newspaper in one hand, coffee in the other, and one big goofy grin said, "My name's Laurence, yours?"

Picking my jaw off the ground, I answered with a quick, "Bree."

He laughed a deep throaty laugh then took a sip from his cup.

"So, Bree, do you have any plans for later tonight?" That was what set us off, and every day we met in the same cafe doing the same thing. Most days I was daring and found myself becoming extremely flirtatious - to the point that he told me to "put down that damn spoon!" Followed by, "You don't know what kinds of things that does to me!"

A few weeks after the "spoon" incident, he told me, "if we're gonna make this work, you need to be keeping up on the news. I need to have someone to talk to about worldly events!" Dropping his paper on the table next to me, he left me staring after him nursing a half-eaten bowl of moosetracks at our favorite table.

Needless to say, the news bored me with its repetition, and I couldn't put down the spoon - I love my ice cream too much. Now I just sit here, alone at our favorite table, and stare at him from across the room with his new favorite fling...


  1. Good, disciplined and you conveyed an entire relationship in nine paragraphs. I thought it odd that it was nine, but that's because I didn't know that the "ten," meant minutes.

    Just one thing, what is a "moosetrack?"

  2. Thanks Cormac, and Moosetracks is an ice cream that is vanilla icecream with peanut butter filled chocolate chips and carmel. They call it moose tracks cos of the peanut butter choc chips... I guess? All I know is that its REALLY good!

  3. Yep, I liked that Nicole. A tightly written piece.

  4. He wants to talk about the news? Smart move on her part to go back to the ice cream.

  5. Hey Nicole...didn't even see this post.
    I don't know if any man is good enough to give up dessert for!! A great, solid piece of writing. Well done!!

    Also, have given you an award over at my blog...have a look-see!!