Monday, May 10, 2010

All in the Name of Freedom

The siege having lasted through the night provided the enemy with the confidence that soon they would see a white flag being hoisted. The grime covered soldiers within the fort assessed their situation and thought it a miracle that they had only lost eight men. The tattered flag still waved in the breeze giving each of them a flicker of hope. As the morning wore on, both sides began suffering drastic losses. Just when it seemed the enemy was gaining the upper hand, reinforcements arrived attacking the enemy from behind, and the war was finally won. The battlefield was strewn with the carnage of death until Ian was asked to pick up his toy soldiers and get ready for lunch.


  1. Great Battles in the name of Army Men!
    Cool little tale, CJ.

  2. Love it! Made me smile and think of the 'battles' that have been fought at our house.