Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I’d flown thirteen timezones just to see him. It was like “slow day” at the airport and I kept wondering, God is it going to be like this everywhere I go in this country? The more impatient I became at customs, the slower the line seemed to go. I was afraid I was going to see the woman stand up and put up a closed sign telling me I’d be spending the night in the terminal. It seemed like hours before I was the one in front of the counter showing her my paperwork.

Approved and through to the next section of the crowded airport I began my desperate search for the man I had been waiting ages to see. My mind swam as I turned circle after circle eyeing those around me and not finding his face. I circled four, five, six times and still no site of him.

An older woman approached me with a sign in her hands, letters spelling out a favored nickname. I looked at her in confusion until I realized that I had seen her in pictures, his pictures.

“You look just like the photos he showed me.” She said smiling.

“And you look just like the ones he showed me.” I replied in kind.

She drove me to her house and told me how he had asked her to pick me up and that he would meet me at her place. It gave us time to talk, and to get to know each other and compare our very different cultures.

After arriving at his mother’s home and settling in to the bedroom I had been provided, I quietly sat on the bed wondering about his absence.

He arrived later that night, and I could hear him telling his mother and father that they had been held up in traffic. I stepped out of my room and headed towards the entry where their voices were echoing from.

I looked past his mother and father and stared at her. I stepped back into the shadow assessing this intruder. She was gorgeous in her skirt and button-up top but what caught my eye was the shining diamond on her left hand. His mother hugged her and I wondered who she was and why he had never mentioned her.

“Did things go okay at the airport?”

“Yes, she’s in her room,” His mother happily replied, “and she’s just as sweet as you said she would be.”

I stepped out from behind the wall and approached them, a faked smile on my face. Not knowing who the woman was I no longer knew how I felt about the man I had flown 22 hours to see. He hugged me to him and I stood a little stiffly and half-heartedly hugged him back.

“I’m so glad you made it in time!” His smile was the one I had fallen in love with over and over again each day.

“What am I just in time for?” I nervously asked.

“Why, the wedding of course!” He pulled her from behind him and introduced her as Megan. I held back my tears, softly congratulated them and asked to be excused. I returned to my room, packed what I had unpacked and for the first time wondered why I had never doubted his love and how I could assume so much.

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