Monday, May 31, 2010

Hiding in Plain Sight (Canvas Challenge)

All of his adult life he has spent his time hiding in plain sight. No matter the job, no matter the crime, no matter, no matter, no matter.

Daily he is seen, the same corner, the same position, the same shopping cart full of the same things, such useless things to most of us, but to him… these things are his life.

Hidden in plain sight, he watches, listens, memorizes and mentally files away his findings.

Looking at him you’d never guess. You’d never guess that he is one of the wealthiest men alive. You see, he’s paid to watch a building; paid to note the comings and goings of said officials, American or otherwise.

You will never see the reflection from the lens that feeds to the camera hidden deep within his cart, nor the tape recorders or notebooks held within his carpet bags. He’s unleashed hideous rumors about affairs, given tips about terrorists, provided proof of secret meetings, and all while posing as a homeless street bum.

Question is: who is hiding in your plain site – I think I know who is in mine…


  1. I like it, Nicole! Makes you think, doesn't it?

  2. Yes, it certainly does make you think. I've had a story about a homeless dude floating round in my head for ages. I may just try and write it up. Great piece of writing Nicole. Well done.