Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In Memory Of...

It was in the midst of the storm that a ray of sunlight lit up a rainbow brightening the outlook considerably. Then as the storms combined into one giant mass and continued to wreak havoc the happiness of the rainbow faded away leaving a dark and dreary place.

Hurricane after hurricane slammed against the levies until what was left of the once happy city was found in death, sunk below oceanic tides.

The sun rose to an unnatural height in the sky begging for attention to be shown. After the storms were chased away by the warm rays of sun, it was the first day in many that dark clouds and destructive storms hadn’t circled overhead causing mass destruction. The tides returned to their normal state.

Out of what remained of the sunken city came the birth of something more, not just a city, but a community where love, laughter, and music dominate all.


  1. You are right, I really like this one. I like how you can look on the bright side of a tragedy that you would rather not write about. Good job girlfriend!

  2. Just so honest & open & positive about the consequences of lifes tragedies , and how to over come them - excellent.