Tuesday, June 8, 2010

FFF #32 Betrayal & Revenge...

So much for plan B, Marci thought to herself as she hit the ground running. Tonight I’m going to kill the bastard!

The apartment she had just left was her best friends, and when she didn’t receive any answer after ringing her intercom, she booked it over to the emergency chute stairs and raced up them. They had been left down for times when Tiff wouldn’t answer the intercom because she had her ear buds in playing too loud.

Marci had climbed the four flights of stairs to Tiff’s window and peered inside. She could hear music coming from the spare bedroom. She slid the window up and climbed through.


As Marci rounded the corner near Stoneham High School she tripped on the curb. She had been too busy trying to get the image out of her head that she wasn’t paying attention to her footing.

When Marci had searched the apartment except for the spare bedroom, not sure if someone was staying there or not, and found the place vacant of Tiff, she had no choice left. She hesitated with her hand on the door knob and willing herself forward, Marci pushed open the door. What awaited her was something she never expected. Tiff and Marci’s fiancé, Brad, were going to town. Marci quickly shut the door and without thought raced back to the window and down the chute stairs.

How Marci had made it down the stairs without killing herself was a miracle, but now, sitting on the curb, tears welling in her eyes, Marci tried not to scream with rage as she looked at her ripped pants and skinned knee.

A thought hit her sitting on the curb. There was only one thing in this world that mattered more than any woman, it was that damn pickup. He had taken it to his Gran’s and hid it there so it wouldn’t be hit at the wedding party next week. The damn wedding! Well so much for that too!

Marci picked herself up and took off running again, but this time with purpose in mind.


The ‘No Trespassing sign’ was dangling from the fence like a bloodied tooth before the final pull.

Brad had brought Marci to the property many times. He was insistent that she know where all of his family lived and or where they all hung out.

The thick trees gave an eerie feeling, but Marci knew it was just because of what she had in mind.

There were only two large sheds on the property. Coming up on the first, she took a deep breath. Gripping the doors with both hands she heaved backward forcing the doors to open. There is sat, his beauty. The only thing that truly mattered to him, the unfaithful bastard! The shed was full of useful items for what she had in mind to do.

Reaching first for the crowbar that leaned against the wall, Marci took it in hand. Seeing before her eyes the image of two bodies moving together, she took her first swing. The rage within forced her to continue and before long all the windows were smashed and she had left dents all across the body. Flakes of cobalt blue littered the ground and stuck to the crowbar.

A large pair of scissors from the work bench was used to take the leather off the seats. Marci poured paint thinner across the carpet and dumped what was remaining over the engine. A full gas can was placed in the back of the bed and with matches from the corner near the old woodstove; Marci lit the match and threw it into cab of the truck.

Flames roared behind her as she hurried back to the gate.

Climbing over the fence, Marci wondered what Tiff’s excuse for betrayal would be.


  1. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Some nice imagery here. Especially liked the line about the sign dangling "like a bloodied tooth before the final pull."

    And thanks for the starter sentence this week.

  2. I too really enjoyed the analogy of the sign and the tooth! It was dramatic, yet fully in keeping with the tone of the story! A wonderful effort!


  3. Buddha apparently said, "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned."

  4. Nicole - excellent!!! I was almost swinging that crowbar myself.

    As Welles said, hell hath no fury.....

    Men, beware!

  5. I had such fun watching Marci destroy Brad's "thing of beauty," I was hoping for a clue as to what she had in mind for Tiff. But I see she's willing to wait to hear an excuse before she proceeds.
    This is you at your finest, Nic, rampaging with a vengeance, in stylistic fashion.
    The site is looking great too, with loads of terrific writers on board for the ride.

  6. Great job on your starter sentence, Nic. Really enjoyed this piece.

    Sorry for my lateness in commenting. The new look of your blog and your hair is great BTW!!