Friday, September 3, 2010

The Key to the Future (an I Dare You Challenge)

JM Prescott hosts a blog that offers weekly I Dare You challenges. This week, something a little different occured. Paul Phillips has been asked to do a Guest Challenge. His challenge this week for us was this:

All of us humanoids (and semi-humanoids like myself) have been through passages: a passage of time, a passage in our lives that were good or bad, an underground passage and so on. Write something about one of these - or an option of your own - and get it on in. You know you want to! - Paul Phillips

I was stoked to find out that Paul De Denus took home the trophy this week, but I did make Honorable Mention! So, here it is!

The Key to the Future

It’s the passage of time that I’ve been expecting. The time I knew was coming since my birth on this desperate planet. It’s what I live for, and what I’ve lived for this entire time.

I wasn’t sure if it was going to look like this, or be like this, I just knew that I would need to be.

They used to call me a guardian, but now they call me THE guardian. I am the sole protector of our future—the future of mankind as we know it. 2012 came and went, and what no one realized was that Armageddon wasn’t meant for 2012. It was meant for 2013. 2012 was the last year that man was supposed to live before God or The Gods destroyed him most utterly.

I now keep a group of fifty, moving them from safety to safety.

There are three other adults, all teachers, or all teachers now; I can’t recall what their previous professions were. The rest are children, ages six and up. The youngest being my own. They are our future, the key to life as we once knew it. My mission was to keep my own two children alive, they had to survive what was coming, and now more so than ever.

The plagues sent upon us have each taught a valuable lesson, of which survival is key. Survival is what I teach, living off the land, treating personal illnesses, and most importantly, how to kill the creatures that haunt Earth’s remains.

The people should have seen it coming, should have known. Earthquakes were the start then storms of tremendous size, volcanic eruptions followed, and lastly a starless and moonless night that covered the sun. A darkness so black that you couldn’t see the hand in front of your very nose. It was during the black out that people disappeared, snatched by something or many somethings that came in the night. Luckily my children were home with me when it hit. This is what I’ve lived for, to be their deliverer.

My best friend knew, just knew as I did that this was what she was meant for. She told me one time that she didn’t see herself progressing on into the future past the point of deliverance. She knew that it was her calling in life to fight to the death for someone she loved desperately. Her daughter is one of the others in my group of occupants. She was safely delivered to me by her mother who then died alongside me fighting the demon souls sent to reign.

The sunlight shrouded in darkness lasted five days. It was after the sun’s face shone that we saw our final plague. Scripture told of Heaven on earth, but didn’t tell us that Angels would be the only ones to glorify it, that they would take their enjoyment from wiping out man as their sacrifice to an unknown deity we call God.

We’ve taught the children to pray, to give thanks daily for our food, our shelters, our safety, for the very breath that we still have. I will not allow the future to be accursed for not giving thanks to a deity if it is what will save them.

As an Aries I’m prone to be fierce, a fighter, a survivor, but I cannot be sure if that alone is why I have been left here. My battles are not against one or many Gods, it’s against time and the creatures who claim themselves king.

Note that this is my testament. I will survive long enough to ensure the safety of my group, and to see that man will once again be favored of God.

I am The Guardian.


  1. Super story, Nic. Very well written. And snap on the honourable mention. Well done.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Powerful, solid writing. You work well with the materials of mythology Nic.

  3. Very eloquent, Nic!

    Congrats on the Hon. Mention (looking forward to Paul posting all the others, too!)

  4. Awesome story, Coraline, brilliantly written! Fantastic read!!!