Thursday, October 28, 2010

Something to Tide You Over

So I hate but also love how some of my friends are so much more ambitious than I am, right? Well, one of those great friends of mine has been what I call more than ambitious, but for a very great reason.

Richard Godwin has a new book called Apostle Rising that will be available soon for purchase, in the meantime, I want you to gear up for this fabulous read by watching the teaser on his site. Enjoy and anticipate as I am!!!

Apostle Rising by Richard Godwin

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Legend Comes to Life

My eyes strained to see as I groped my way through the heavy mist that had settled.  My foot caught on the edge of one of many headstones that littered the dark floor. Reaching out I barely caught myself before tumbling headfirst into another headstone. Carefully I stood, catching my breath and realized that I had made it. The headstone that had stopped my fall was graced with an ornate angel atop and said to be haunted – for the angel represented the angel of death. What’s the big deal—it’s just as statue, I wondered, until I felt the bite of a sharp blade sliding across the front of my neck.