Friday, January 28, 2011

Am I Afraid of the Dark?

It’s dark as all get-up and I have the feeling of being watched although from where I can’t say. My mind conjures images of masked men lying in the shadows waiting to jump out at me, too many episodes of Criminal Minds, I guess. Thinking about ‘masked men’ makes me wonder, what makes a normal person snap? I mean, some individuals claim that they are born gay right, can others claim they are born serial killers or does something radical, maybe even unknowingly, change them somewhere along the way? I try to stomp out the cold and think to myself, why is it I don’t usually care for crime novels, but am a sucker for TV shows like CSI, Criminal Minds, and even The Mentalist (besides Simon Baker)? Hell I don’t know, ok yes I do… never mind, I don’t know, why these kinds of thoughts occupy my time when alone in the dark whispering to my dogs, “hurry up” and “it’s cold” while keeping the silhouette of my back door within sight.

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