Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In Memory of Our Loving Friend

I woke up this morning to the news that a dear friend of mine had passed away. Not knowing what to say to friends and family of Little Evan, I instead was inspired to write this:

In Memory of Our Loving Friend - Evan G. Wilcock II

It’s winter with the call of spring
The clouds have opened
Letting down all its pain
Tomorrow with a touch of snow
We’ll see a world cleansed.

The moon almost full
Absorbs our cries, and
After she sets tonight-
The sun will rise;
Warming us with your smile.

You have touched so many of us
In ways you probably never known
Tonight Heaven mourns with us,
But with tomorrow’s calm
We’ll know you've found peace.


  1. So moving and Compassionate , RIP ( Beautifully written Nic ).

  2. This is a beautiful and deeply touching poem Nic. It shows a lot about the beauty of your character.

  3. Sad and sweet - beautifully conveying loss and mourning but with a hint of hope that time often heals most of our hurts.