Friday, February 18, 2011

What Was It Like?

Well, it was about three months into the zombie apocalypse. You think your old Gran is kidding huh? Right… just because most of us don’t want to talk about them days doesn’t mean they didn’t exist.

I know, I know, you think I’m just a senile old‘un, just like you did when I mentioned a thing we called the internet, and computers, yes, my dears, we are definitely in the dark ages again.

Why don’t I have any journals? God you kids are pushy today aren’t you? Well, let me tell you, besides not wanting to remember everything that happened when we thought the world was going to end, but it just wasn’t feasible to carry around all them god-damn notebooks and paper. We didn’t have power for years so we couldn’t keep our computers running.

Yes, yes, I’m getting off topic. April 12, it was a few days after my birthday, and I remember thinking if we only knew when Easter was officially going to be, I’d been on the road with your Mom and Aunt and hadn’t seen a calendar for a little while, I was marking days on a stick so I felt like I could know the date if nothing else. I still had a watch so I could see the time, that felt good.

Hey, any little thing you knew when you met people made you feel a little good, at least we knew we were a little more superior than the zombies.

Well, it was weird, I remember watching the tv- now don’t start that again, I told you about the television before, mind sucking boxes, and the news came on.

Do you want me to tell the damn story or not?

Not a story, history, quit being smart asses or I’ll go back to bed and take another nap.

You know what, you little shits, talk to me about it tomorrow, and maybe I’ll tell you more.

Yeah, yeah, whatever, go see if your mom needs help.


  1. Yes they can be little shits at times especially when you are attempting to explain the complexities of the past ( At least in your own terms ), nevermind you did try - Girl, Great write , & its great to see ya posting when ever you have time , more please , hugs , me...

  2. 'giggling' I can just see you later in life...just like gran! Thoroughly enjoyed this one!