Monday, May 23, 2011


The darkness, blacker than the depths of the sea threatens to overtake what's left of our humanity away. It's spreading like spilled ink on paper, through the minds of men. Its a virus threatening to infect every cell in our bodies.

I don't know how many have screamed at the top of their lungs prophesying its the end of times for us, and I laugh at their efforts as each given day pass me by and I find I'm still alive, or that people haven't just disappeared off the face of the earth.

The only disappearing act I'm aware of is when the soul leaves a body behind, and besides people dying of natural causes - which happens everyday - the only unnatural death is a life taken by brutality, not car accidents, freak accidents, but war.

With each bold statement of help comes the cries of young men and women as they die in hospitals from their injuries, or on a blood spattered battlefield, either way it's their cries that echo beneath words of promise.

Invasion after invasion, the only place of refuge now is the vast continent of Africa, and even then in time, darkness will flood the mind of some great leader, then his followers, flowing steadily down until even an entire country is infected, then the tribes left alone for ages will know a fear other than of harsh weather, illness and starvation.

It's survival in this corrupted game of life as we so call it. Men pray to the Gods when they march for battle, but the Gods aren't the ones getting their feet wet in the blood soaked dirt that lines our world.

The end of the world will come only after mutiny is released, and even then, not until mutiny after mutiny becomes the focal point and no one is left in the world but the lone survivor who will eventually die of natural causes.

Our apocalypse, you see, is not people suddenly disappearing, taken by unseen Gods, zombies or meteorites, aliens or global warming, it's politics and power. A darkness, deeper than the depths of the darkest sea and its tsunami like waves crashing over each one of us, will bring about our destruction.

Run towards the light and someday, who knows, you may be that lone survivor, left in peace to live our the rest of your days to reflect and write about the feral wars of man and final destruction of mankind on earth.

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  1. A Great concept and a deep insight into to the overall weakness & greed of Humanity ,and its in ability to move from the war model to the more lasting peace model , and the ultimate consequences entailed..( Just so thought provoking in so many ways - Well Done CJT )....xx