Saturday, May 14, 2011

From a Time We Never Knew

Well call it the future and the past, what is and what may not be, what we know will happen, but pray it never does...

Where there once stood a bridge - a passage through time, now stands what we call the remains of the time dwellers. They were people from our future living in our past. Those who never existed but who we'll never forget. Their buildings, although in tatters remain as living proof to this belief.

They spoke our language, knew our names, complained of our technology being old and never up to par, treasured our books, and in their own home had and used what most could never dream of until it was introduced into our daily lives some time later.

Their diction was perfect, and slang unruly. Their houses lived in, but clean, and always everything they owned or did was asymmetrical, yet balanced.

The crumbling buildings still hold perfection in their midst- the way the paint blends with the bones underneath, those fading columns, and bent street poles, but what makes this old ruin something from the future is the way it floats, just above the sand, like a mirage - next to an old highway in the desert.

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  1. Great reflection of the future and the past, but at the same time impacting on the present as well.Excellent planning and well structured , more please when you have the time ......mal.