Monday, October 10, 2011

A Frank Sinatra Challenge

So, I wrote this piece based on a Frank Sinatra challenge for another blog, then received an email last minute that said, never mind don't submit your second piece, so here it is. My prompt was based on Frank Sinatra's song, "I See Your Face Before Me" from his album In The Wee Small Hours... So without further adu, I hope you'll enjoy it.

I See Your Face Before Me

I claim insomnia
you know I do.
I've practically screamed
it at you.
I don't have insomnia,
not medically at least.
What I have
is self induced-
when I close my eyes
whether in dreams
of dark or light
I see your face before me.
You stand beside me-
sometimes in front,
always hand in hand
a strength to me you lend.
In my dreams
I see you laugh,
I see you cry,
I see you just fine,
but no matter which dream
I always see you mine.
If forward, I came
And told you-
Even knowing you're
would that my love
haunt you so-
knowing I want you so?
But alas, no,
for I can't, I won't
destroy you
by telling you.
Because even if
You understood it- me-
all of my love
for you, its magic-
would seem nothing
short of tragic.
And knowing I can't
erase your beautiful face
before me,
I'll instead
feign insomnia-
For no dreams
are better
in my mind
than dreams that haunt
us both.

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