Pride Cometh Before The Fall

In the quiet recesses
deep within my mind
I yearn for perfection-
an unobtainable high;
soaring far above
others of my kind.

Like the cravings
of mythical Icarus-
I cannot truly find
any way to sate
the passionate goals
keeping me in overdrive.

But with each
outstanding achievement
my pride grows
flying me ever closer
to that perfect sun
and it's endless glow.
I reach out, touching-
caressing the warm
flowing strands of
the Sun's golden hair
knowing it will only
give me burns.

My goals of perfection
are melting like wax.
I'm filled with remorse
as feathers drift
then bone chilling fear
while I spiral into the abyss.

I See Your Face Before Me

I claim Insomnia
You know I do.
I've practically screamed
It at you.
I don't have insomnia,
Not medically at least.
What I have
Is self induced-
When I close my eyes
Whether in dreams
Of dark or light
I see your face before me.
You stand beside me-
Sometimes in front,
Always hand in hand
A strength to me you lend.
In my dreams
I see you laugh,
I see you cry,
I see you just fine,
But no matter which dream
I always see you mine.
If forward I came
And told you-
Even knowing you're
Would that my love
Haunt you so-
Knowing that I want you so?
But alas, no,
For I can't, I won't
Destroy you
By teling you.
Because even if
You understood it- me-
All of my love
For you, it's magic-
Would seem nothing
Short of Tragic.
And knowing I can't
Erase your beautiful face
Before me,
I'll instead
Feign insomnia-
For no dreams
Are better
In my mind
Than dreams that haunt
Us both.

Karma or Trials

A dark sky
Purple clouds
Peeking folden rays
Wishing this sunrise
Would last for days.

Struggling with two
But making one-
You think
Has finally come.

Basking in love
You push it all out,
No more
Darkness within-
Only a fresh start.

Twisted curses
Come back
Haunting you so,
Taking back
Your soul.

Draped in black-
Robes flowing
No one
But you

A soul lost
In deep ever after-
With curses create
A Goddess.

In Memory of Our Loving Friend
Written for the family of Evan Wilcock II

It's winter with the call of spring
The clouds have opened
Letting down all its pain
Tomorrow with a touch of snow
We'll see a world cleansed.

The moon almost full
Absorbs our cries, and
After she sets tonight-
The sun will rise;
Warming us with your smile.

You have touched so many of us
In ways you probably never known
Tonight, Heaven mourns with us,
But with tomorrow's calm
We'll know you've found peace.


She was leaving it all behind-
Her world,
And doing it in style.
The voyage trip not just her own
Her thoughts abounded
Of a new life,
A new world,
A new her.

The skies were clear
With starts for miles
Just like her dreams.
No more whoring
To make her way.
A place of peace
Where no one
Would know her name.

She went to dinner
With all the rest
Singing, dancing,
Laughing and drinking,
Not a care in the world;
A sudden jold-
A loud grown,
The feel of teh great Titanic
Slowing, then at peace.

She wasn't one of the heroines
We read about today.
Only a number
Along with the dead.
Not meant to be
of the unsinkable,
Her grave unmarked
Drifting at sea.
So much for dreams
Never meant to be.